Campus Facilities

Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor play areas include a basket-ball court, swimming pool, riding arena, ample sand area and an extended lawn area.

There are stables which house ponies and horses and an enclosure for ducks and geese facilitates a closer proximity to nature and involvement with animals and birds.

Multipurpose Hall

A valuable space to conduct assemblies, hold talks and exhibitions, and creative performances.

Science Laboratory

Provides first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the science materials.

The sensory motor nature of the experience and the individualization of instructions contribute positively to learning.

Computer Laboratory

It is a significant mode for learning, with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity which is vital for all ages and professions.

Mathematics Laboratory

A valuable tool that helps to personalise learning experiences and assesses how students perform.

The manipulatives help students absorb course material to develop better understanding of concepts.


The well-equipped library provides a flexible space for children and creates a habit for reading.

The range of resources helps to support teaching and learning.

Audio-Visual Room

The visual presentation helps reinforce understanding of abstract concepts.

It helps to create real life experience through videos.

Swimming Area

Helps keep the body fit and stay healthy.

Builds endurance and provides total body workout.